Sunday, January 1, 2012

ADAD 1st of January 2012

Alright, putting my money where my mouth is.
Here is the first of what I plan to be 366 drawings, one a day for the year.
It is neither big, nor grand, but it is a start. And it is, I hope, an achievable New Year's resolution. And I am ever so dreadfully rusty.
But here it is, my darling daughter's feet while she slept on the first morning of the new year.

It occurs to me that if I am going to upload these images, I should really invest in a scanner, instead of taking photos on my phone... Maybe later!


  1. Why thank you.
    Drawing is something I love, and it relaxes me, yet I seem to make no time for it since having my little one.
    This is to force me to change that. :)