Sunday, January 29, 2012

Headband no heat curls tutorial.

Today's drawing- Day 29! Click to see more detail.

Step 1. Start with clean, dry, brushed hair parted wherever you like. Then add a little product (whatever you would normally use, my hair gets fly away’s so I use Frizz Ease). And spritz lightly with water. Put your headband over your hair so it is near your hairline and sits comfortably around your head (use one that is very stretchy or quite loose so it doesn’t dig in).

Clean, dry, pink and purple hair...

Step 2. Start at the front of your hair, on one side of your part and bring a section of hair up, and tuck it under the headband so the band is ‘wrapped’ in your hair. Smaller sections wrapped tighter make lots of tight curls. The larger the sections you use and the looser you wrap, the looser the curls will be. This method can make anything from tight ringlets to beachy waves, so experiment!

Step 3. Repeat step 2 with the next section of hair. The first section should automatically be caught up and wrapped with the second. Continue to wrap hair until you get to the back of your head (I stop in the middle and then pin the last of the hair down so it doesn’t escape).

Step 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the other side of your head. When you are finished pin the hair. It should look something like figure 4. This process literally doesn’t take me more than 10 minutes.

Side view

Step 5. I personally quite like the way this looks, and am happy to go out like it. It is also ideal to do before bed, and when I do so I tie a silk scarf around my head to help prevent fly aways. This step is optional, but you will feel very retro and cool. So get some sleep, or go about your day. Either way, leave your hair up for several hours.

Yes, I am very cheery with my hair up!

Step 6. Wake up, and remove headscarf (morning coffee optional). Your hair will have almost certainly shifted in your sleep. This doesn’t matter at all. If hair feels too damp (too much product, or overzealous with the water) you might like to give your hair a quick blow with a hair dryer. I am yet to have to do so.

Morning me, with slightly shifted hair.

Step 7. Remove pins. Loosen hair by gently pulling on the headband. Gently and carefully remove curls from headband (I find it helps to start from the back and work slowly). This step and the next combined usually take me around five minutes.

LOTS of curls!

Step 8. Depending on the curls you might find running your fingers through is all you need to do, or a careful brush or comb. Twist curls to reform. If your hair doesn’t hold curls well, you might like to spray it with hairspray, etc.

Very bright curls.

So there you go. Around 15 minutes work, no heat, and a head full of luxurious curls. This is so easy to do, and the results are so great, you may get addicted!

And this...

Is how I actually ended up wearing my hair today.


  1. Very cool, I'm sooo going to give that a go! Nice to see you in there :o) Loving the retro scarf look.

    1. Me too! It tickles me every time I do it.
      And my husband loves it when I curl my hair... He thinks it is 'cute'. Not exactly going fo cute at my age, but I'll take any compliment I can get! lol
      Let me know how you go. I'd love to see. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! It really is ridiculously easy, and turns out well, on my hair at least. :)

  3. My hubby is the same- loves me with curly hair... And I saw your discussion on facebook yesterday - looked it up myself last night... had a crack this morning (only left it in for an hour or so) and viola! curls!

    1. It really is so easy and effective! Hope you loe your curls.:)

  4. I don't know about curls but I want pink and purple hair! :)

    1. I can heartily recommend Special Effects hair dyes.
      VERY vibrant result... :)

  5. :0 !!!

    I can't believe how good these look!

    You're amazing! Like, totally wonder woman.

    And you may have just changed my life.


    so, thank you.

    x jessica

    1. No worries.
      I totally love these curls.
      This one has been floating aroung the interwebs for a while (plenty of youtube vids showing how, blogs etc).
      This is just my quick and easy version.
      Now I need to figure out how to do beautiful buns like the one you had the other day and I'll be happy... ;)

  6. I will have to give the scarf a go after seeing how it looks. Since having a baby I don't have the time or energy to do much with my hair at all, it usually ends up in a bun on top of my head. This looks pretty do-able though!

    1. I'm the same. Bun or a ponytail up and out of my face (totally regreted the bob I got when my little one was seven months. Too short to put up = not practical!).
      But this is so easy and fast to do, and it works great for every day, or a slightly more special occassion.
      So far I've done it for a wedding, a 40th, a baby shower, and lunch with the girls. I had my hair up around the band for the pre-wedding dinner and drinks the night before the wedding and got sooo many compliments! Pretty good for a quick little trick like this! :)