Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Just a fun one today, because I have always loved drawing eyes...
I even forgot to sign it... Oops. lol

I have now started a list of suggestions for subjects to draw, and it is interesting. Alot of fantasy coming up, from dragons and the Triple Goddess, to Lego characters, and Johnny Depp. Fun fun fun! :)


  1. Oh! That is gorgeous! Such a talent! If you ever need a chubby little boy to draw, just let me know! hehe

  2. From the FB group we are mainly working with photographs so its lovely to see other mediums being used for this project! Beautiful blog design by the way.

  3. awesome! you are very talented firstly to draw the eye with all it's detail and then to take a clear photo of it. Thanks for the change.

  4. I am actually surprised how well my poor phone camera is standing up to the challenge.
    Thank you ladies.
    I am loving peeking into your lives through your photographs, and now having the group, I feel more realistic about making it the full year! :)
    And as I said, I am now taking suggestions (356 drawings to go! lol).

  5. I'd love to see some drawings of your kids? Just in case you wanted a suggestion..
    ps, can not believe that my security word for this comment was farke...sorry - had to share it!

  6. lmao! Day number one was my little darling sleeping (well, it was her bum and feet anyway). There will definitely be more of her, she's too cute to not draw!

  7. Oh sorry - I didn't scroll back far enough! I guess we have a whole year so lots of opportunities!