Monday, December 19, 2011

Discretion is the better part of what now?

Rant time. You have been warned.
Prompted by a comment on this photo (via Emma Kwasnica).

"Sex sells..but motherhood and breastfeeding in public is embarrassing to the bystander ? Woman should not flaunt it but just be discreet about it and all should be okay !"

So I ask, what shall I do to be discreet?

Seriously now. What would your definition be?

If I am at a restaurant, and my newborn needs to nurse ahead of schedual, how would I go about fulfilling their needs without offending you?

Many people would not notice if a simply raised my singlet, lowered my shirt and nursed. The only part of my body exposed would rather rapidly be in my child's mouth. Would this be acceptable?

all of that oh so offensive... Oh wait...

No? A blanket perhaps? My baby sweats profusely when under a blanket. It is clearly not comfortable for her, but I could settle for a light muslin wrap I suppose, if your comfort is to be more important than my child's...

or I could invest in this charming shower curtain...

Still not good enough for some. A move to the toilet is in order. But wait, is that hygeinic? Why should my infant have to eat her lunch in a toilet if nobody else does?

even if it is a really expensive toilet...

The car you say. Thats fine... In winter (for me anyway... Thank you Australia). In summer it is really not. But hey, the car has windows on all sides, what am I an exhibitionist or something?

yeah, this? Not safe.

I should just go home, and sit in a bedroom until my child weans... You know, so that I can be discreet to everyone's liking.

well Miranda Kerr does make it look appealing...

Or, I can nurse my child, and the people who don't like it can look away? Nah, that doesn't sound right, does it?

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