Friday, January 20, 2012


Graffitied shoes.
I couldn't choose just one photo, so there are several...
These were mostly tattoos I considered getting, and I'mnot gonna lie, this was LOTS of fun to do, and I may well end up doing it again...
Click to see more details.


  1. WHAAAAAT? They're awesome! You should do lampshades too. I think that would look really cool on a lampshade. :D

  2. These are great! Look at your little leggies! :)

    x Jessica

  3. You know, I can totally see this on a lampshade... The only problem? Too many awesome ones I want alreay! lol
    It was definitely a heap of fun, I can heartily recommend destroying your own pair of cheapo Kmart shoes... :)

  4. Pamela, I would love to 'destroy' a pair of shoes but they would never look as cool as yours! I'm going to sound like a ninja turtle but they are 'total awesome'!

  5. Just go for it! They will be yours, and therefore just as cool as mine, but totally suited to you. ;)