Monday, March 12, 2012

Snack time...

Todays prompt was, well as above.

I seem to really like drawing children's characters, so I went for one of my old favourites.

I remember having an Oscar the Grouch pillow that I used to drag to pre school with me. He was the c-c-coolest! He's in my garage right now. I'd love to give him to my daughter, but he's not looking too good these days, so I sewed up a panel pillow for her of the Cookie monster for her birthday last year, because who can resist a giant cookie obsessed blue monster?

Well... Perhaps she can.

I will admit, I probably spend more time snuggling Cookie than she does...

Aaaaand here is toaday's drawing.


  1. hahaha LOVE IT!!!! You draw so amazingly :) and that is a super cute photo. grumpy face like i have when i wake up!

    1. Aw, thank you. Today's subject matter was fun.

      I think I pull a similar face to this one... I just love how very unimpressed she looks. :)

  2. bahahaha!

    too funny and i love the story behind it. :)

  3. This is awesome! LOL

    First, her adorable grumpy face is perfect! What a cutie pie.

    And I LOVE cookie monster! What's funny, is just the other day I was saying to my hubby how much I love the baby's cookie monster pjs and how I still love Sesame Street, though none of my kids have been too impressed. But I have wonderful memories of going to Sesame Street Live as a kid and being beside myself with excitement.

    1. My daughter was under the impression it was Elmo... (He's the only one she's really seen)
      After many valiant attempts to school her on her Sesame Street monsters, she is now calling him "Cookie Mummy"... I'll take that as a win! lol =D

    2. Now if only I could convince my husband that I need an endless supply of choc chip cookies, all will be right with the world... :)