Friday, March 23, 2012

Hand made

Today's prompt is "Something you made".
So here is the little red dress I made for Bella for her first birthday (it was a bit too big. Oops!).
This was very quick and sketchy, and I'm not a fan, but it will do.
I did draw yesterday too, but decided not to share it just yet. Maybe later.

Original image.

The day before Bella's 2nd birthday, it still fit (as a shirt).

Bella on her 2nd birthday in the dress I made her.

Bella with her birthday dress and her birthday cupcakes, made by Mama.


  1. Pamela, your Bella is beautiful and your creativity is amazing, oh how I wish I could sew clothes for my girls. Gorgeous drawing of her it is so life like. Happy birthday little girl :)

    1. Awww, thank you Belinda.
      This was actually last August... She's grown so much I've had to add another layer to the dress so she can keep wearing it! :) lol

  2. Oh wow! you sew too! Just wonderful. Love seeing all of your photos today too. Looks like she had a lovely birthday! (last august-as I just read) I think your sketch is amazing. They are supposed to be rough right? but it just looks so much like her. :) my4boysandme

    1. This one was very rough. Some of them I finish to a much higher standard, it just depends on my mood. :)
      She had an excellent birthday, and very much enjoyed her cupcakes. :)