Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today's prompt was design, so this is a readaptation of one of my costume designs for Tom Stoppard's Arcadia.
These were done for the HSC (If your kiddies ever wish to do Drama for the HSC I would encourage any with artistic talent to do costume or set design. A little effort got me really good results. Most everyone does performance, so it is a heck of a lot more competition).
If you haven't read the play, I can highly recommend it. Far more accessible than some of Stoppard's other works, and funny as all get out. It is set in a an English country manor in 1810/1813 and the present day (or the 1990's when it was actually written).
This is Lady Croom, a haughty, melodramatic member of the British aristocracy in 1810.



  1. wow, wow, wow, you are amazing and i cant believe you so this every day. wow

    1. Yesterday I almost didn't... It was well after 10pm when I started! lol

  2. Once again, just amazing! I love your work :-)