Sunday, February 19, 2012


We went bicyling this afternoon.
Mu husband with our daughter in the trailer thingy, his parents, his lovely cousin Christa (who is visiting from Finland) and myself.
It was a gorgeous relaxed outing, along the lake, with lots of late afternoon sun and a nice cool breeze.
Along the way we stopped for ice cream (have I ever mentioned how much I adore Lemon Sorbet? I really do!).
It was also the fourth day of my little one being in knickers full time. There was a little accident, as apparently she doesn't like public toilets (I can't blame her, they didn't even have seats), but she is doing so well, and I am very proud. :)

So today inspired my drawing. I only wish I had an awesome retro red bike (not the blue ugly, but very functional men's mountain bike I own).

So the following is definitely not how I roll, but it would be nice indeed to be so chic. :)


  1. I love the additional red. Chic indeed!

  2. very classy :) and well done to your little girl!

  3. Loving the retro red bike, very cute. Glad to hear you had a lovely afternoon out on your bikes. Well done to your little poppet for going out in undies, my daughter hated! public toilets at first too.

    1. Thank you!
      I really can't blame her though... I didn't take advantage of the facillities either. lol