Thursday, April 8, 2010

Test run/ Introductions

Demented rants.

Thats probably where I should start, as I’m fairly sure that is where this blog will end up.

Just me, bitter and twisted and railing at the world... All to the massive audience of my insanely cackling sister...

But I start out with slightly higher, and hopefully slightly nobler, aims.

I am a 26 year old mother, at home with an eight month old little person...

She’s hardly a baby, she’s far too serious for all that. We’ll call her Young Madam.

I have a wonderful husband, also 26, who I’m yet to think of a name for...

Perhaps he shall be Mr Perfect (after the shirt of the same name my mother gave him... And I thought MIL’s were supposed to dislike their SIL’s, not inflate their already healthy egos!).

He’s perfect for me, regardless. Perhaps that was her point all along.

I’m a bit of an information junkie, and I find most anything interesting. I have a massive sweet tooth. I love making things, and being given handmade gifts. Anything that has had time and effort put into it is something I will wholeheartedly appreciate.

I’m something of an artist, and if I ever get around to going back to uni to finish my degree, I will qualify as a teacher. With Young Madam taking up so much of my time and energy however, that goal seems rather distant at the moment.

This seems like a fairly innocent and inconspicuous, not to mention exceptionally coherent, beginning, so for the time being, I shall leave it at that.

Love and kisses.


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