Saturday, September 22, 2012

Orange you happy to see me?

So... I haven’t been around in... a while.

I've been quietly busy, and let my project fall by the wayside.
I'm big enough to admit that I bit off more than I could chew.
As much as I adored drawing every day, it was beginning to take its strain on me. As were other things.
Like being massively pregnant, sleep deprived and suffering SPD (I don't recommend it! lol).
So while I've been less than productive drawing wise, I did make a new baby. Does that count?
I promise he's cute enough to make up for my terrible lack of posting.

See? I just can not be bothered fiddling with the new blogger to try to figure out how to turn him, but I think he's cute, even sideways.

And today I did this.
I had managed to fleck my shirt with paint, which just was not washing out, so I got a little creative with my Sharpies.
It totally counts.

No matter how far I've fallen behind (and at this point I am far enough behind that I will not even attempt to catch up) I love that this project has had me drawing more than I have in years. It has inspired me. It has reminded me to be ME again.
And for that I will always be grateful.

A MASSIVE thankyou to Georgia of Documenting Delight for the inspiration, I feel that there are many of us out here who owe you deep and heartfelt thanks for the inspiration. You deserve all the good things.

Now I can't say I'll be back every day, or even weekly or monthly, but I WILL be back.

And with any luck, so will my drawings.

Thank you all for the lovely comments and encouragement I've received along the way.


  1. firstly wow your little guy is so adorable!! so grown up from those newborn shots we saw. super cute and no wonder we have not seen you in a while!!! ur very much excused! however that shirt picture is awesome!!!! looks gorgeous, cant believe you did it w sharpies! hope it stays on through the wash, looks like it shoudl be for sale! well done mama :)

  2. Welcome Back!!! We've missed you. and yes, he is such a cutie pie, thank you for putting his photo up on your blog. Love love love your t-shirt design you crazy talented lady!

  3. You're right, he is more than cute enough to make up for your absence. But don't let it happen again. As penance for abandoning us, I have a wardrobe full of stained clothes that I would like you to doodle on. Ta muchly :)

    Re the SPD: I had that too. Felt like a human wishbone. Ouchy wah wah!

    Hope to 'see' you again soon!

  4. Oh my, he is so divine. And I am super impressed that you can draw a picture especially on a shirt and manage a baby and a toddler. Superwoman. Now there is an idea for your next shirt :) So glad that you popped in to say Hi. I have missed your amazing talent so much.

  5. Pamela, your little dude is gorgeous, but I think we are due for an update, on either him or some new piccys:)

    Congratulations on your little dude! How old is he now? Can't believe my little man is 7mths already!

    Thinking of you and missing your doodles!

    1. I'll upload something now. It's been waaaaaaaay too long!