Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Mega Post...

This post is HUGE. You have been warned! If I fall so behind again, I deserve some kind of punishment... Death by cookies perhaps?
Simba...Kinda by request...
Life Drawing... Not from life though. Because I miss Life Drawing so much I could cry.
Bird Tree. This was actually a really cute piece of fabric that I stumbled on and reinterpreted. :)
Swallow, the search for the perfect tattoo design marches on...
Peter Rabbit, because I love me some Beatrix Potter.
Hair thingy...
Icecream, as requested by Isabella.
Giraffe weird babyish cartoony style.
Love is... Naked children... Who knew?
Bella, terrible portrait.
Life Drawing... Also not from life, but from memory.
Baby fairy.
Up! Because Bella has her first film obsession... The start make me cry Every. Single. Time.
Weird hair drawing. Just because.
Autumn Tree... I actually cut out a heap of trees and leaves for the playgroup kids for craft, then we didn't use them. Maybe this week...
Icecream! ('Ray in Paris'- Lucy Culliton). Bella's absolute favourite piece from last year's Archibald Prize Exhibition.
Crown. Don't you think this would look really cute on a t shirt? Blatantly inspired by a little white long sleeved Bardot tee of Bella's (but it just has a bow... lol).
Vault Boy from Fallout... Because my sister started it, and I'm a geek at heart. :)
Burtonesque Spiral thingy... Hey, I said I'd draw, I never said they'd be good... lol I'm not sharing the drawing from the 30th yet, so here is today's drawing:
Naw, baby heffalump. And with that, I am DONE! Yay!


  1. Oh pamela! These are amazing. Good on you for getting all caught back up! LOVE LOVE the not-life-but-from-memory life drawings. UP! Ahh best movie, great pic. Have you seen this years Archibald Prize exhibition? My brother in law is one of the subjects of a peice. Can't recall the artist but it is of the soldier from Afghanistan. Artist possibly Ben Q?

    1. Katie that is brilliant.
      Your brother had his portrait painted by the artist who won te Archibald last year!?
      I haven't seen the piece in person yet (I wait for it to travel, fewer crowds), but I did have a look online. Wowee, it is an incredibly powerful piece.
      You must be very very proud of him.
      For those who would like to see, here's the link (hope it works in comments).

  2. I was so happy when I saw your post on here today. I have missed your pictures so much. I love how some pictures are so simple yet others have much more detail and I too love the pictures that you draw from memory. Welcome back. You have been missed greatly.

    1. Aw, thanks Kylie. I'll try not to let my absences grow quite so long from now on... But there might end up being a few more (hopefully not so big next time!).

  3. So many wonderful pieces! I cry during the beginning of Up every time too, that and the end of Juno are the only movies I can't help crying over.

  4. I had meant to say that the baby fairy is so incredibly sweet!