Thursday, January 6, 2011

Screw you Facebook Fratboys!

This is what I emailed to a large local newspaper.
I doubt it will be published, but this is what I came up with while NAK before my little darling went down.

Letter to the Editor,

Facebook censors- Lactophobic.

‘The Leaky B@@b is a blog’, and until recently, a Facebook group which provides support for women -so called ‘Leakies’- with breastfeeding and raising babies. The Facebook group has been a sounding board for countless women, and, like several other Facebook groups, can help mothers having problems breastfeeding by facilitating sometimes instantaneous advice from other breastfeeding mothers all over the planet.

Facebook deleted TLB for violating their Terms Of Use. Within 24 hours a Facebook group ‘Bring back The Leaky Boob’ cropped up and had over 6,000 ‘likers’. Low and behold The Leaky B@@b group was reinstated, along with a standard apology from Facebook.

Now, in a farcical turn, Facebook has yet again deleted ‘The Leaky B@@b’, along with ‘Bring back The leaky Boob’ without cause.

Which brings us back to Terms of Use violations:

“Among other things, Pages that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed”.
Obscene. What a slippery, subjective little word. One which appears to be covering up all manner of sins.

Many women have had breastfeeding images deemed obscene by Facebook, and deleted. The official stance being that Facebook does not allow images of nipples. It seems, however, that images depicting breastfeeding are being specifically, and repeatedly targeted, even without visible nipple, whilst other images of exposed nipples, especially men’s nipples, are left unmolested.

Is Facebook encouraging misogyny? When did nipples become so ‘offensive’ anyway, particularly in the context of feeding our young? Isn’t that what they are there for, and why we are mammals?

‘Bring back the Leaky Boob- again’ has over 1,500 ‘likers’ and the number is rising.

I eagerly await Facebook’s next backflip.

Seriously? I can't believe what a pack of @$$holes they are.

2.30am? How did that happen? Must be time for bed.

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